It’s easy to move from a beginner’s to a professional yoga practitioner as we continue to practice and perfect different poses. Although we may try different styles and poses, it is not easy to do yoga correctly. Garudasana, or the Eagle pose, is one such difficult but extremely useful pose.

Although the eagle pose might seem simple, it can be difficult to master.

Garudasana or eagle pose have health benefits

Garudasana, a standing balance position in which one side is bent and the other side is straight, can be described as a Garudasana. This pose helps to bring the focus of the yoga teacher to the present moment, rather than focusing on the past. It also gives deep stretch to the hips.

1. Eagle pose enhances deep breathing

Arms must be crossed in front of you. This opens your back and allows you to breathe more deeply.

2. Encourages balance and focus

To achieve the eagle pose, you need to fix your eyes on a fixed point in front while you balance. This will bring your attention back into the present moment. Practice makes balance easier.

3. Deep stretching of the hips is enhanced

Eagle poses open up the hips deeply. Your hips will be more open if you sit back in a chair.

4. Stimulates leg muscles

The pose requires that the yogi sit in a chair with crossed legs. This gives strength to the legs.

Garudasana is great for muscle building.
Garudasana is great for muscle building.

How to do Garudasana or eagle pose?

1. Start with the mountain pose.

2. You can go further by crossing your left leg on the right side, and then tuck your left foot behind your right calf.

3. While bringing your palms together, place the right elbow in the crook on the left elbow.

4. Carry out step 4 on the other side.

Nobody should attempt to strike this stance.

If you are in this position, avoid it

* Recent knee injury/surgery to the elbow or hip.
* Issues with high or low BP
* Arthritis
* Frozen shoulders

How to perform Garudasana or Eagle Pose correctly

Many people fail to properly tuck the foot behind their feet.

Shynee Narang is a yoga instructor and recently shared a reel on social media for those who have difficulty tucking their foot into the eagle position. She also shared several ways to assist us with this yoga pose.

Level 1: Hip Rotation

To loosen up, do side leg swings at minimum 10-15 times.
Do this for 10-15 times.
Do internal rotations on each leg 10 times after that.
External rotation: Do 10 times each on each leg.

Level 2: Leg Strengthening

Do the dynamic goddess pose at least 10-15 times. Do the dynamic chair pose ten to twelve times.
Perform the dynamic figure four at least 10-12 more times.

Level 3: Ankle Mobility & Range

Do ankle rotations both clockwise and anticlockwise.
Next, perform ankle swings. Flex and point to increase your range.

Level 4: Hip opening

Gomukhasana: Forward bend and twist. Do leg wraps and foot tucks while on the ground.


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