Stuttering is a condition of the nervous system that causes problems with speaking. The most common symptoms of stammering or stuttering are being stuck on words or sounds and repeating the exact words. World Stuttering Day is observed each year on the 22nd of October to increase awareness of the condition. The statistics suggest that this condition is the cause of one percent of the population worldwide, and demands immediate attention.

The attention needs to shift to the issue as stuttering may cause mental health issues like stress. To assist you in understanding more about the issue, Health Shots got in contact to Lajja Shah who is a consultant Audiology and Speech Therapy Sir HN Reliance foundation hospital, Girgaon, Mumbai.

Treat your stuttering by combining the benefits of speech therapy and yoga.
Treat your stuttering by combining the benefits of speech therapy and yoga. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.

What causes the reason for stuttering?

Before we get into the discussion of the options available to treat stuttering let’s learn more about the issue. According to Shah Stuttering, it is a major issue that impacts the way you speak. It’s a result of emotional and psychological factors. Did you realize the fact that stammering isn’t just a result of the inability to speak clearly?

In reality, Shah points out that the stuttering process is characterized by anxiety, fear, and negative emotions about talking. “These negative emotions , although not the primary causes, cause stuttering to be more severe for the majority of people. When you’re stressed prior to speaking, your body is anxious and can cause a loss of coordination of breathing, voice and speaking.”
There are many treatments available which can provide help to those who have difficulty speaking clearly. Find out the ways that a combination of speech therapy and physical therapy can assist with difficulties with stuttering.

Yoga and speech therapy can aid

Speech therapists can be a boon for those who are who are trying to overcome their the stuttering. They are trained professionals who assist people in overcoming this issue. Utilizing a combination of research-based methods and exercises, along with counseling an experienced speech therapist can be expected to assist in decreasing the degree of the problem and increase the quality of your life. Shah emphasizes the fact that speech therapy in conjunction with yoga can be beneficial to those who struggle with speech.

It has been demonstrated that practising yoga’s meditation technique helps people feel calmer and less stressed. Yoga postures and breathing exercises are beneficial to the coordination of breathing as well as speech. Through yoga, people who suffer from speech difficulties can gain control over his emotional and physical well-being,” explains the speech therapist.

Treat your stuttering by combining the benefits of speech therapy and yoga.

Treat your stuttering by combining the benefits of speech therapy and yoga.
She adds yoga in combination with traditional speech therapy, may enhance the benefits of treatment for adults and children with stammering.


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