Health issues related to spines are often caused by aging and are treatable with medical attention and precautions. Did you know that problems with your spine can affect your physical and mental health? It’s true! The emotions and the spine are connected. Also, on World Spine Day, let’s learn more about this relationship.

The spine is what?

The spine is comprised of muscles, bones, nerves, tendons, along with other structures that run at the base of the skull, near the spinal cord and extend to the coccyx (tailbone). Its vertebrae (back bones) of the spine are the cervical spine thoracic spinal spine and lumbar spine. They also include the sacral spine , and the tailbone.

As infants, children are born with the C-shaped spine. The cervical spine is also curved in a secondary way.
and lumbar spines develop and lumbar spine develops as infants learn to lift their headsand and sit up,
stand, crawl, and walk, stand, and crawl. The health of the spine is the basis of the body, mind, and soul

Are emotions real?

Emotions can be described as an experience that is subjective to the mind, or a sensation that is moving. They can be triggered by external stimuli (such as memories or thoughts) or even events that happen in our external surroundings.

spine and emotions
Your spine have a lot to do with your emotions!The joy of happiness, joy in, curiosity, excitement gratitude and happiness – these positive feelings feel good and assist us in advancing in our lives.

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Negative emotions, such as anger, sadness and jealousy. self-criticism,
Fear, or rejection can be painful and difficult sometimes. They can drag us down and are obstacles to our growth and happiness.

The spine is a key component that can impact your mood:

1. The posture of the hunchback makes us feel relaxed

If our spine has been shifted toward one or the other (scoliosis) or we get a hunchback, or a slouch, it impacts us emotionally too. We are more sluggish and less confident about our self-esteem.

2. A spine that is aligned and well-aligned will make you feel secure

If our spine is properly aligned, it helps us maintain the best posture. It also increases circulation of blood throughout the body. Organs in the inner part also have enough space to function properly. The result is that people are happier and more secure.

spine and emotions
A healthy spine means a happy you! 

3. The pain in your spine can cause you to feel depressed.

If we experience back pain caused by muscle spasms, or degeneration of our spinal bones, we are feeling depressed emotionally. This can affect the quality of our lives. Many people aren’t in a position to focus efficiently if there is discomfort in their spine. It can also impact the way we sleep and can cause us to be more angry. It could also cause general stress that can affect our hormone cortisol that influences our mood and emotional state.

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4. A healthy spine helps us feel happier.

If our back is not in pain there is a feeling of happiness and peace. We can move around in any direction and perform our everyday activities without difficulty. Neurotransmitters efficiently send information from our spinal cord to our brain. The result is that we feel more relaxed, healthier and more relaxed.

Chakras are energy hubs which are found on the spinal cord.

Research suggests that although energy is everywhere in the body, there are seven locations with the most energy concentration. These seven areas are referred to as seven chakras and are located throughout the spine. Each chakra is unique and has their own spiritual and emotional advantages.

spine and emotions
Spine is a source of energy. 

If any chakras is blocked, it impacts our emotional state. For example, if the root chakra is blocked, we be more fearful and anxious. If our throat chakra has been blocked we feel trapped and are unable to express our feelings with confidence.

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When the chakras of all 7 are in balance and well aligned and balanced, it can have a significant influence on our emotions. Positive emotions are felt like security and happiness, love creative, bliss as well as independence and dedication.

Therefore, our spine can have an enormous influence on our emotions!

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