After the intense battle against coronavirus world is witnessing an increase in the number of cases of monkeypox. This was declared to be a health emergency with international implications in July of this year. Based on Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus who is the director of the World Health Organisation (WHO) the number of cases of monkeypox has surpassed the number of 70,000 and have claimed the lives of 26 people in the first month.

Although the cases have decreased in numbers, WHO has requested people not to lose their vigilance. WHO stressed that this might be the “most risky” phase of the spread as cases of the virus rise in certain countries.

monkeypox cases cross 70K mark

WHO concerned over monkeypox spread. 

Monkeypox enters’most threatening” phase: WHO

At a press event in Geneva in the middle of July, Dr. Tedros pointed out that, while reports of cases of monkeypox had decreased but the number of cases reported in 21 countries has increased in cases, which was responsible for nearly 90% of the cases reported over the last week. Dr Tedros further described the declining spread of the virus dangerous because it could lead people to think that the outbreak is in control.

He warned people not to relax because monkeypox remains an emergency in the health sector that has international worry. He said that countries must to boost their testing capabilities and keep track of trends to stop the spread.

Monkeypox cases all over the world

A spike in monkeypox cases has been reported since the beginning of May. To date there have been there have been more than 42,000 reported cases in the US in comparison to 25000 in Europe. According to reports, females who have had sexual relations with males outside of African countries in which it is widespread have been rising since the beginning of May.

It is believed that the United States is the worst-hit country , with an estimated 26,000 cases. Monkeypox cases are highest across Brazil with 8,147. They are followed by Spain with 7,209 cases, and France with over 4000 cases. Germany, Peru, Columbia, Mexico and Canada are other countries reporting the highest number of cases. These countries comprise more than 87 percent of worldwide total cases.

In the meantime, India has reported only the occasional cases of monkeypox. There were around 10-confirmed cases from Delhi with no prior travel history, and five cases in Kerala with a history of travel of UAE. The median age of people who contracted this virus is 31.

monkeypox entering a dangerous phase

WHO concerned over monkeypox spread. 

First signs of monkeypox are to know

According to WHO The cases of monkeypox differ. It is possible for symptoms to manifest within a few weeks after infection. The symptoms typically start with flu-like symptoms or upper respiratory symptoms. Most people suffer from a fever that is high along with intense body pains and aches as well as headaches and fatigue as their first symptoms. In the aftermath, a person might be diagnosed with Lymphocytic lymphadenopathy or swollen nodes. A rash could then develop on the feet, hands or face, lips and even on the female genitalia. These rashes appear as painful red papules or lumps that are raised and filled with pus.

If you experience any of these symptoms it is recommended to have an examination by a doctor to ensure your safety and the safety of those in your vicinity.

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