A lot of women are familiar with the scalp condition that causes tiny white flakes over your hair. It’s winter months and dandruff is having been a major topic of discussion. Of obviously, not all people are affected however many suffer from it. You should be aware of which type of anti-dandruff is right for you. Do you know the length of time you can apply a shampoo to treat dandruff? Most likely, you think you are able to use it for indefinitely as you like as long as white flake do not disappear. It’s also true that it’s difficult to eliminate the dandruff that is stubbornly scabby. You could be using it for longer than you’re required to.

CuredCare reached out to Dr. Vijay Singhal, Senior Consultant Dermatology at Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute to find the answer to a frequently asked question about treatment for dandruff. shampoo.


Does anti-dandruff shampoo harm hair if you apply it daily?

There are many who believe that applying the anti-dandruff product every day can cause further damage or even cause harm. Singhal said that you could apply an anti-dandruff shampoo every day however, he advised that you apply a mild shampoo between to achieve the optimal results. He also pointed out that people who have dry hair or a dry scalp usually require less wash. Hair is washed twice every week to protect hair’s oils as well as keep hair moisturized.

The time period to use anti-dandruff shampoos is different

Every person has their own type of hair. Our reactions to different things may not be the same. So how long do we need to apply a shampoo to prevent dandruff? Experts say it’s a matter of opinion. For certain individuals, it may cause harm in just a couple of years while for others it might last for three to four years.

Anti-dandruff shampoo ingredients could harm your hair

There are many reasons why the product you use to combat dandruff could be a negative one after a time.

1. Polyethylene Glycol

It is a petroleum derivative that is utilized in hair products to act as an agent to thicken hair, however Singhal warned that it may cause harm to the scalp.

2. Dimethicone

It’s a form of silicone which is added to products for hair, and acts as an extra layer of protection for hair shaft. After a duration of time starts to build an accumulation of residue on the hair’s scalp and you certainly don’t wish to see to have that.

how to get rid of dandruff

3. Retinyl Palmitate

The ingredient is the esters of palmitic acid and retinol that may cause skin-related problems such as itching, redness peeling and scaling.

It is important to care for hair after applying anti-dandruff shampoo

A shampoo for removing dandruff is full of chemicals. It is no surprise that when you’re done with it, you should take proper take care of the hair you’ve got.

Singhal offered some suggestions that must be taken into consideration when maintaining good care of hair:

  • Make sure you wash your hair well and often.
  • Make sure to use shampoos that are chemical-free.
  • Make sure you use the correct hair conditioner.
  • Do your best to dry hair, instead of using the hair dryer.
  • Apply oil to the hair daily time even if you’re not a big fan.
  • Hairstyles that are natural.
  • Trim your hair regularly.
  • Drink more fluids.
  • Consume healthy foods.

Use these tips to avoid having to deal with a hair loss day.


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