It’s not about eating a lot! Instead , it’s about making dietary changes to ensure you get adequate nutrition at the right timing. The most effective method to achieve this is to combine fitness and healthy meals. Start by eating the right food at the appropriate time. If you’re thinking about what you should eat prior to, during, and during your training, we’ve got everything covered.

When it comes to achieving an athletic body it’s not only the exercise routine that counts, but also the diet you eat prior to and following. What we eat prior to exercising can affect our performance, while the food we consume after exercise aids in building muscles and replenish the energy reserves that are exhausted.

A pre-workout meal to lose weight

A healthy meal prior to a workout will supply your muscles with the fuel needed to perform a workout, without having stomach problems. If you don’t have the right nutritious pre-workout meal it is possible to become tired, which could affect the intensity and speed of your exercise. A dropping in blood sugars immediately after exercise could cause binge eating.

Healthy Eating
Healthy snacks you can have before and after a workout for weight loss.

A pre-workout meal is best if it’s balanced with complicated carbohydrates, protein and fat. But, what you choose to eat will also depend on the kind and intensity, duration, and duration of your exercise.

Healthy snacks one could eat before exercising are:

  • Fruit smoothie (yogurt or almond or soy milk, plus the option of seasonal fruit),
  • An apple or pear with 1-2 tablespoons of nuts (almond or peanut butter)
  • bowl of Greek yogurt that is served with granola, fresh fruit
  • A handful of nuts and the pulp of a banana
  • homemade cereal bar (nuts and seeds honey/jaggery, and Oats rolled)
  • 3-4 rice cakes, topped with 2 tablespoons of any nutseed butter
  • small bowl of oatmeal topped with peanut butter, and fruit of your preference.
  • A salad or juice is an excellent idea prior to training because it’s high in nitrates that convert into nitric oxide and assist to to increase the flow of blood to muscles and endurance. Beetroot is also high with potassium that helps strengthen nerves and regulates electrolytes.

The optimal time to consume the pre-workout meal is between thirty minutes and three hours. You may need to play around to find the best time for them.

Post-workout meal to lose weight

The body needs a healthy meal to replenish itself after a hard workout session. You should try to have eating a light meal or snack for 15 minutes following a workout. Then, then follow that up with a healthy meal about two to three hours later.

Healthy Eating
Healthy snacks you can have before and after a workout for weight loss.

If you’re trying to achieve the maintenance of your weight or loss following a workout, the post workout meal should include high-quality carbs (such such as brown rice, oats millets and quinoa) and protein (such as fish, chicken eggs, tofu lentils, legumes, and legumes). Combining these two macronutrients can aid in the synthesis of muscle and the revival of the glycogen stores that are depleted within the body. When your workout meal is to be your primary meal and you are looking to eat a healthy diet, you could enjoy a plate consisting of 150 grams of grilled chicken, fish, or tofu with a tiny portion in brown rice/quinoa as well as some sauteed vegetables. It is also possible to have an oatmeal and nuts smoothie as well as chickpeas, chickpeas, eggs that have been boiled and chicken soup following workout.

A shake of whey protein immediately following the exercise session assists in rapid muscle recovery. Whey protein, when mixed with water is a quick and suitable post-workout meal because it is rapidly absorbed into the body, and instantly works on damaged muscle fibres.

The increased muscle mass helps one increase the amount of calories burned even at the most restful, which can assist in losing weight.


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