It’s been over two years since people around the globe continue to wrestle against the microscopic scourge, coronavirus.

With the introduction of Subvariants BA.5.1.7 as well as BF.7 on the table, an controversy is brewing about a new covid-19 infection wave.

According to reports it appears that the Gujarat Biotechnology Research Center has found the first instance that has BF.7 found in India.

new outbreak of coronavirus could be a threat this winter if people don’t become more vigilant.

Dr. Vijay Arora, Senior Director of Internal Medicine, Max Hospital, Patparganj, New Delhi is warning that a

According to an expert it is necessary to increase vaccination because of the new Covid-19 variants that are emerging.

“Although booster that contain BA.5 are thought to provide the strongest defence against known variations.

we are preparing for the holiday season, we must be cautious about large gatherings and adhere to the Covid-like behavior of keeping an approximate distance of three feet and hiding ourselves.

Guard up as Omicron new subvariant BF.7 enters India