It is important to teach your children how to properly wash their hands on this Global Handwashing Day.

It states that you must wash your hands for at most 20 seconds, regardless of the soap you use.

How to properly wash your hands, as recommended and Recommended by CDC

Step 1

Use clean, running water to wash your hands. Use warm water to fight germs.

Step 2

Use soap to make lather. Begin by rubbing your palms together. Next, use one hand to rub the back of the other hand.

Step 3

These steps should be repeated for at least twenty seconds.

Step 4

Use the tap water to rinse your hands.

Step 5

Use an air dryer or a towel to dry your hands. Don’t rub your hands against your clothes, as this will make them even more dirty.

Know how to wash your hands properly and why is it important