Why is smog Dangerous?

Smog is used to describe the yellow, black, or grey combination of smoke and fog that contains particulate matter, and ground-level ozone. It’s created as a result of the combustion of non-renewable fuels, and it has a negative impact on the air pollution levels.

Here 6 Natural Remedies for Air Pollution >>


Mustard Oil

it boosts the stimulation of gastric and bile juices,


it has a lot of antibacterial properties and helps the body to fight infections,

Herbal Tea

it can help to treat sore throat,


it reduces the negative effects of air pollutants on health,


it boosts the haemoglobin levels in blood and helps to fight the negative effects of air pollutants,

beta-carotene found in fenugreek, spinach, coriander, and lettuce  – it controls inflammation levels.