The importance of sexual satisfaction is paramount when you’re in an intimate relationship. After being in a relationship for a couple of years or having children women are often concerned about the stretch of their vaginas. Sometimes the elasticity of the vagina may even get as a result of sexual pleasure. Nowadays, women can seek out cosmetic surgeons for treatment of Vaginal tissue. This is when the phrase “vaginal rejuvenation treatment” pops up. It is a combination of different methods, and a professional claims that vaginal rejuvenation could be a way to enhance the quality of your sexual life.

Being a mom is an extremely joyful time for many women, however having children can also mean the vagina’s elasticity becoming affected.

CuredCare in conjunction to Dr Jyoti Bhaskar Additional Director, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Patparganj, to learn more about vaginal rejuvenation and the benefits it offers.

Vaginal rejuvenation

How do you define vaginal revitalizion?

The title of the treatment will reveal its significance and, however, in the technical sense the term vaginal rejuvenation means an genital cosmetic surgery for females procedure that is performed at the request of a woman. Dr. Bhaskar explained that vaginal rejuvenation involves a variety of procedures that are done to decrease the size of the vagina and increase the elasticity of the vagina. It is possible to perform it surgically, through procedures that include removal of excess skin and vaginal tissues, and the tightening of the vaginal muscles which result in a decrease in the size that the opening in vagina.

The non-traditional surgical techniques that can be used to rejuvenate vaginal tissue and also. They require the use of lasers, such as fractional CO2 laser and the YAG laser. They aid in tightening the vagina.

How will vaginal rejuvenation treatments affect your sexual life?

Better sexual life

There are two primary benefits to these procedures among them the improvement in sexual sex. Bhaskar said that in women after vaginal child birth or as the baby gets older the vagina loses elasticity. It gets dry and loose, and the opening could be lax. This can cause painful sex and eventually losing sexual pleasure. Vaginal rejuvenation treatments can be beneficial to women seeking sexual pleasure according to the specialist.

Menopausal aids

The procedure could be beneficial to women who have reached menopausal age. It’s been noted that because of the decrease in estrogen levels the vaginal mucosa is dry, thin and the vagina itself suffers an atrophy that causes vaginal irritation, dischargeand discomfort during sexual activity. Also, there are urinary complaints such as repeated infections. Women may also gain from these procedures in the event that menopausal hormone therapy isn’t effective, as claimed by Bhaskar.

Vaginal rejuvenation

Which age group is the most popular to the doctor

The majority of women who undergo the procedure are aged 40 years or more. These are women who have finished family members and may be at the edge of menopausal symptoms. However, some women in the 20-to-40 age range seek out these procedures according to the expert.

Tips for taking care following vaginal rejuvenation

After you have completed the procedure After the procedure, here are the suggestions you can follow to ensure the health of your vagina:

You should rest for a week. It is possible to resume your routine after a short time in rest, however, relaxation and rest aid in faster recovery, as suggested by the doctor.
She also suggested applying cold compresses and cold packs, and ice packs on the area where surgery was performed to reduce swelling and pain.
Use loose cotton underwear to reduce friction and pressure on the region.
In the coming six weeks, you should avoid any sexual activity, swimming, or any strenuous physical activity.


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