After you’ve started to shed weight, you’ve likely discovered a myriad of tips and tricks to aid in burning belly fat. However, the tense midsection isn’t easy to shed pounds from. It’s one of the areas that many people pay attention to the most since it’s an issue! It’s not just that it increases the chance for developing diabetes type 2 heart disease and other ailments However, belly fat causes your clothes to appear tight and make sitting uncomfortable.

Don’t worry! There’s no need to think or worry in regards to losing fat around your belly. There are a few tricks which are thought to work for those trying to shed weight. One of them is the 5 minute Japanese towel workout. Here’s everything you need to be aware of and how it performs.

5 minutes Japanese towel workout.
5 minutes Japanese towel workout. 

Five minutes Japanese towel exercise to burn belly fat: Does it work?

Japanese towel exercises became famous by a popular social media post from last year. It’s an 5 minute exercise which claims to tone your abdominals in only 10 days. While the claims seem somewhat implausible it is hard not to think about what it is about this workout that could help you shed abdominal fat so quickly. Learn more about it.

Dr. Toshiki Fukutsudzi is an expert in reflexology and massage from Japan invented Japan’s Japanese towel technique over 10 years ago in order to help people become fit. He claimed that this method aids in relieving back pain as well as strengthening the back and removing stomach fat. The doctor asserts that this method can assist in reducing the amount of belly fat that is caused through the misalignment in the muscles of the pelvis. The consistent practice of this workout helps to correct the imbalance in pelvis position and assists in losing another layer of abdominal fat.

Dr. Fukutsudzi has discovered the scientific basis behind the exercise and explained how it performs. The exercise improves an imbalance between your pelvis and spine and is the primary reason that fat accumulates in the abdominal region. The doctor shared the method of losing weight in the pages of a Japanese book.

Five minutes of Japanese towel workout.
Five minutes of Japanese towel workout. 

How do you perform the five-minute Japanese exercise?

Here’s how to perform this Japanese towels exercise in order to keep in shape and shed belly fat:

1. To complete this exercise all you require is a 4-inch towel folded into an cylinder, and mat.

2. Place your feet on the mat and lay your towel on top of it, rolled.

3. Then lie down on your back against the mat. You can place the towel beneath your navel.

4. Be sure that your feet are evenly spaced with your toes pointing towards one another.

5. Relax your arms and keep your palms downwards as you practice this.

6. Set a timer for 5 minutes on your mobile or phone and then remain in the same position.

7. After 5 minutes have passed You can slowly get up with no awkward moments.

Warning: Make sure to get in touch with your fitness trainer prior to incorporating this workout into your weight loss program. Anyone with an underlying illness must talk to their doctor prior to beginning the exercise.


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