In this fast-paced world We are constantly falling back on quick methods to complete our tasks. It’s the same for our meals. While breakfast should be considered the “king meal” that we eat, many prefer quick fixes food items, ready-to-eat or processed like cornflakes. Cornflakes, milk, or plain fruit and cornflakes are among the most convenient breakfast options. Many families love to dig into various flavors and brands of cornflakes each day. But is eating cornflakes on a daily basis really beneficial or harmful for you? We’d love to hear some of the advantages and adverse consequences of cornflakes.

Cornflakes are a great source of the opportunity to choose from a variety

What makes cornflakes more appealing over time are the varieties like mixed fruit, strawberry almond, organic honey, and almond.

They’re fairly low in fats and this could be one of the main reasons of their popularity. They also have added sugar and sodium (sodium).

In light of the growing popularity of cornflakes, and the growing doubts regarding the health advantages of cornflakes, CuredCare reached out to Delhi-based nutritionist Kavita Devgan to determine if regular consumption of cornflakes is healthy for you.

Nutritionist Kavita Devgan has stated that cornflakes are deficient in nutrients and are low in fibre , which results in a low satisfaction. “People are likely to be hungry again. Additionally, they’re harmful to the heart overall health and well-being,” she added.

It is suggested that the British Heart Foundation suggests that as a wholegrain, whole grain cereal, cornflakes aren’t a great option for breakfast on their own. You can also add a fruit to make the breakfast full.

Oats high in fibre may be a superior breakfast option to cornflakes.
Oats high in fibre may be a superior breakfast option to cornflakes.

Information about cornflakes you must be aware of

The nutritionist emphasized the following facts about cornflakes:

1. Cornflakes are a refined food

As per the American Institute for Cancer Research there are numerous health risks related to the consumption of highly processed food items. Some of them may make people more likely to get cancer. Foods that are processed extensively often contain harmful levels of added fat sugar, sodium and sugar that enhance the taste of food however excessive consumption of them can lead to serious health problems. Diabetes, obesity heart disease, hypertension are just a few of the health concerns.

2. Cornflakes are enriched with added ingredients

Food additives play a significant part in improving the taste, color, and scent of food items. They alter the nutritional structure of food as per MDPI.

3. Cornflakes are sweet because they contain sugar

Dr. Frank Hu, who is an instructor in nutrition at the famous Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health admits there are a number of negative effects associated with increased sugar consumption, such as elevated blood pressure as well as swelling, weight gain along with diabetes and fatty liver disease. These are all linked to an “increased risk of cardiovascular attack or stroke.” Also, cornflakes are known to have the excessive glycemic score of 82 or more which isn’t good for people suffering from diabetes.

Be mindful of the impact of the cornflakes' sugar level. 
Be mindful of the impact of the cornflakes’ sugar level.

4. High-calories are an essential component of cornflakes.

In the International Journal Of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity revealed that eating high-calorie foods can result in weight growth.

5. Cornflakes are typically the high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)

According to Plos One, there is evidence to suggest that the consumption of fructose in excess likely through HFCS could trigger metabolic dysregulation.

Now you are aware of the negative consequences of cornflakes, it’s a good idea to consume them when you don’t have many healthy breakfast alternatives. If you decide to consume them, practice in a controlled manner! All foods are good when you’re in the right moderation. Cornflakes are anything else.


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