If it’s adjusting to the life after a pandemic or attempting to find the right balance between work and family every aspect of your life can make you feel stressed out. If your daily stress is affecting your health and you’re beginning to be tired, this article is perfect for you! Yoga is among the most effective methods to manage stress. Why not take a look at these yoga exercises to help you deal with stress? You can learn of Shilpa Shayla Kundra. She has recently taught yoga poses that help to relax and relieve everyday stress!

Shilpa Shutya Kundra one of the stars who never skip working out! She tried working her way through an injury in the past, when she had been in a wheelchair during three whole months. There is no excuse enough to stop her from getting off of exercising. She is moving and encouraging her fans to get back to fitness. She is often on social media accounts to share tips and tricks for staying healthy and avoid unhealthy health issues.

Shilpa Shetty doles out Monday motivation with Yoga stretches

Shilpa Shetty teaches yoga to ease stress! 

Shilpa Shetty offers yoga stretches that can assist you to stretch and relax

Shilpa Shetty believes yoga is a great way to keep our health in check and help us achieve the best of both worlds. She often posts short snippets from her exercise routine via the Instagram account. Recently, she went to the IG account to post an instructional video of yoga exercises that can assist you in relaxing. On the clip, the 47-year old actor is seen doing the yoga sequence that begins with Virabhadrasana.

Benefits of practicing these yoga exercises

The video Shilpa was writing about the benefits of these yoga exercises which can benefit you in many ways. “A life of sedentary living causes more harm than we could ever imagine. The need to give your body the necessary stretching every day is essential. Recently I began doing this ‘ Virabhadrasana to Baddha Virabhadrasana to Prasarita Padottanasana’ sequence. It’s a game changer! It does not only to stimulate the nervous system and abdominal organs, but it also allows the chest and lungs to breathe.”

While pointing out advantages, she states that the yoga postures can help to stretch your arms, shoulders and legs, your back and neck. The advantages of these yoga poses aren’t just limited to this, it also opens the muscles in your hips, and helps strengthen the legs as well as ankles. The instructor also explains that it helps to calm your mind.

A brief guide to the yoga poses included in the video

The performer begins the stretch beginning with Viradhasana before moving to Baddha Virabhadrasana and then repeating the sequence. In the end, she is seen incorporating Prasarita Padottanasana in order to finish the stretch. This is a detailed breakdown of every part of yoga postures to aid you in your research.


This is the very first variation that you can do of Warrior pose that is a fundamental posture that increases flexibility and helps strengthen your muscles. According to research that this pose helps to strengthen shoulders and ankles, legs and back. It also increases the size of your chest, increases the balance and concentration as well as promoting blood circulation and stretching your legs. This is the ideal workout for your needs if would like to start each day with a healthier note!

Warrior pose to loosen and strengthen your muscles. 
Warrior pose to loosen and strengthen your muscles. 

Baddha Virabhadrasana

This yoga posture is a modified version of the asana described in this article. It’s also known as the Humble Warrior Pose which helps bring your focus to the inner you. It not only helps increase your flexibility and strength however, it also increases flexibility as well as awareness and concentration , as well as getting rid of negative feelings. It’s also a fantastic exercise to build your core.

Prasarita Padottanasana

Wide-legged standing is also known as a in a forward bent, the yoga posture can be used as a alternative for those who are unable to hold a headstand, or Sirasana. It’s a great posture for those who are struggling, since it can stretch your calves, hamstrings and hips. It also helps strengthen your ankles, feet, and legs, which means you build strength in your lower back.

A word of caution: Consult a yoga instructor and a physician before adding any of these poses into your routine.


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