“Do I look good? Do I look good? painful? What is the best way to get my partner to orgasm? What happens if they don’t like the way I’m going about it? “That is what anxiety and sexual phobia can sound like when it is shouting and unpleasant.

Although some anxiety about the first date is normal but constant anxiety about sexual intimacy should not be the norm. Sexual anxiety may prevent you from enjoying sexual activity. It is possible that you shy away, whether you know it or not at first, from touching your partner.

Sexual anxiety could result in anxiety about sexual intimacy and intimate relations with your loved one.
Sexual anxiety could result in anxiety about sexual intimacy and intimate relations with your loved one.

Understanding sexual anxiety

To understand the causes of anxiety over sexuality, and learn how to conquer this, Health Shots reached out to Dr. Lavanya Kiran, Senior Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist, and Reproductive Medicine Specialist at Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Bengaluru, Electronic City.

Only a small percentage of women report experiencing sexual anxiety or sexual performance anxiety, according to Dr. Kiran. We’ve all heard that sexual anxiety can trigger issues like Erectile dysfunction as well as early ejaculation for men but did you know it can also be the cause of the condition called vaginismus among women? Vaginismus can cause the vaginal muscles to contract and tighten because of the fear of sexual penetration.

The doctor has revealed she has advised those who’ve been in a relationship for about three years and are unable to end their marriage due to anxiety over sexuality and additional issues that result from the effect of its cascading effects.

What triggers anxiety in sexual relations and how do you turn off your anxiety?

Here’s the trigger for social anxiety, and how to solve it:

Body Image

Body dysmorphia is an important reason for sexual anxiety. If you’re constantly trying to measure your body against unattainable standard, stress could fill your thoughts like the steam inside the pressure cooker. Whatever the internet is trying to tell that, there is no such thing as a perfect person. Find out how to appreciate your body, and learn to love yourself. It is able to provide you with enormous satisfaction,” advises the doctor.

Be concerned about pain when you sexual activity

It’s a natural instinct to stay clear of any activity in bed if you believe it’s likely to be painful, particularly when it’s your first experience and you’re not certain what to anticipate. In this regard, Dr. Kiran suggests “Don’t engage in penetrative sexual sex. It is advisable to increase your play.”

Foreplay gives you the opportunity to get to know yourself and your partner more. It allows both of you the chance to become familiar with each other. This allows you to be sexually stimulated. If a woman gets in a state of excitement by her sexual glands, they release natural lubricants, and the vagina expands to prevent any discomfort during the intercourse. We’ve gathered exact figures to help put your mind at peace. When a woman does not at all aroused, her genitals are approximately 2-4 inches long. Arousal can cause it to expand by 4-8 inches.

Sexual anxiety can result in anxiety about sexual intimacy and intimate relations with your loved one.
Sexual anxiety can result in anxiety about sexual intimacy and intimate relations with your loved one.

Do not rush to gasp

The pressure to meet and then give the big ‘O’ may be a challenge for anyone, it can be more difficult when you’re trying to become pregnant. The burden of expectations that fall on your shoulders could be enormous. Conducting sexual interactions according to an exact schedule can dampen any person’s mood. When you feel your mind wandering towards concerns of the future or getting closer to climax, work on mindfulness. Stay present in the moment. Keep in mind that the main benefit in sexual intimacy to be near to the person you love. Each sexual encounter isn’t a complete orgasm, but that’s fine!

Communication to your co-worker is the ideal solution.

Telepathy, however, is restricted to fiction and makes communication your “brahamastra” to assist you with every aspect of sexual anxieties. Create a “Talking Tuesdays” or ” What’s going on? In your friendships, incorporate Wednesdays.


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