It could be because of the hawing or humming behavior regardless of the reason. However there are more psychological reasons behind procrastination. Numerous studies have identified procrastination as a useful defence strategy. If you’re anxious about the thought of an assignment, you attempt to find an escape by putting it off. Thus, labelling your self as lazy, and then embarking on a long guilt trip won’t help in resolving this problem. It’s crucial to identify the source.

Be a believer of the concept of scientia scientiapotentia is Latin which means “knowledge is power”. If you recognize the root causes of procrastination, then you’ll be able break that behavior. It is crucial to overcome procrastination since it can cause stress.

To understand what causes people to cease doing the job they are doing, Cured Care reached out to Dr. Kamna Chhibber. Head of Mental health within Fortis Healthcare’s Department of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences, Fortis Healthcare.

There are many things that cause you to pick up your phone every time you should be picking up your work, according to Dr. Chhibber, including the task you’ve done, the circumstances you’re in, and the individuals in your immediate environment.

 Be disciplined to finish your task within the timeframe. 
 Be disciplined to finish your task within the timeframe.

Four reasons to delay putting off work

1. Your work may get put off due to of anxiety. Put on hold

The fear of not succeeding and being disqualified. If you’re experiencing one of these thoughts, it can cause you to feel out of place. When you’re spending the majority the time trying to determine the possible ways things could end up in disaster You’ll be exhausted to put into practice the strategies to help you succeed. What’s the result? The procrastination.

2. Feeling inadequate can cause delays

Doubting your skills and abilities whenever you start entering the field of professional work – especially when you’re new to the field, can cause confidence to plummet. If you worry that your work doesn’t meet expectations, then the pressure to quit working can be very severe. The chronic procrastinator is more likely convince themselves that they’re not able to perform their job, instead of the lack of effort, according to Joseph Ferrari, a psychology expert who studies procrastination.

The thought of overthinking can cause you to procrastinate. 
The thought of overthinking can cause you to procrastinate. 

3. Perfectionists may lead you to delay work.

The ability to be a perfectionist is an excellent quality to possess , isn’t it? You’re always striving to achieve the very best you can. But there is a downside to this attribute. Because you haven’t yet discovered the optimum method, you tend to keep putting off the task at hand when you want to do everything perfectly and at the perfect time. says the doctor. Chhibber. Beware! The ‘all or nothing’ method could be a disaster in certain situations and leave work unfinished.

4. I’m not sure where to begin:

There’s a possibility that you’ll be dillying when you’re not able to comprehend the entire scope of the job in front of you. It’s best to concentrate on the essentials instead of focusing on the ultimate outcome.


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