A good cup of coffee isn’t an act of ritual, but an emotional experience. The high that your coffee provides you is unmatched. The coffee’s delicious taste in your mouth and the strong smell is heavenly! Let’s take advantage out of National Espresso day today to reveal some of the health benefits of coffee.

CuredCare reached out to Avni Kaul who is a dietician and an expert in nutrition, to discuss some of the coffee facts.

Basics of coffee

Coffee is grown across the globe. It is cultivated across more than 70 countries. The best climate for coffee is near the Equator. It is possible to get the most delicious coffee in areas close to the equator such as Africa, Southeast Asia, North and South America, and India.

The coffee species come in two types: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is a premium variety of coffee, and Robusta has a bitter taste and is less palatable.Before the beans get roasted need to be harvested then processed and then dried. The green beans are sent to be roast. Arabica beans require about 6-8 months to mature, while Robusta beans mature over an extended period of 9 to 11 months.

5 health benefits from drinking coffee

1. Coffee can help you last longer

“As as per studies, people who drink coffee are less likely to die from the most common causes of death for women, including the kidney diseases, heart attack diabetes, stroke,” according to the expert.

A study, in fact referenced by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health acknowledges that people who drink eight cups coffee each day could lower their risk of death before age in comparison to those who do not. Some may argue the notion that drinking too much of something even good can be harmful to health, you can take a break and rest knowing the coffee you drink is doing much more than providing the delicious aroma and taste! Be aware of the negative effects that you’re drinking coffee too often can cause.

Studies have linked coffee with loner life! 
Studies have linked coffee with loner life! 

2. There is a lower chance of suffering stroke

According to the experts who advises women to drink at minimum the equivalent of one coffee a day can help lower the risk of stroke risk, which is known to be the 4th leading cause of death among women. Ladies you are now aware that your cup of coffee is an ally and will bring your health!

3. Coffee can give you a boost of energy

It is widely known that coffee contains caffeine which is a stimulant to the central nervous system. It’s well-known for its ability to reduce tiredness and increase energy levels. You now know the reason why drinking that shot of espresso before starting a exercise is essential!

4. Reduces the chance of developing inflammation.

The expert says that chronic inflammation is a persistent immune response. Certain researchers have suggested that there’s a link between this type inflammation and other chronic illnesses like type-2 diabetes and heart disease. The anti-inflammatory properties of coffee assist in reducing low-grade inflammation.

Coffee lovers should know its pros and cons.
Coffee lovers should know its pros and cons.

5. It can be beneficial for your liver

It has been proven that coffee consumption has a benefits against liver diseases that are chronic. According to studies drinking 3 to 4 cups of coffee can reduce the risk of various types of chronic liver diseases , such as fatty liver, cirrhosis and Hepatocellular Disease, etc.

Keep in mind that these facts about coffee might be fascinating However, over consumption of caffeine may cause many negative adverse effects. Be sure to consume the beverage with care!


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