The situation in China is a frightening reminder of the days before the pandemic. Coronavirus cases are on the rise in many countries, but especially China, where the landscape has drastically changed. Covid-19 cases rose in China after the lifting of restrictions by Chinese cities following protests at November’s end. According to reports, the Omicron subvariant BF.7 is responsible for the recent increase in Covid-19 infections in China. With the rise in China, the government has asked people to get vaccinated. Let’s see what the impact of Covid on India will be.


China’s ZERO Covid Policy backfires

China was among the countries that took the toughest measures to stop the rise in coronavirus cases. Covid-19 China imposed restrictions even though there were very few cases. These restrictions were lifted by the Chinese government after violent protests.

Experts believe that China’s Covid restrictions were suddenly lifted without notifying hospitals. The main reason for the outbreak is the abrupt abandonment by ZERO Covid policy because of growing protests.

The coronavirus situation is driven by Omicron subvariant BF.7 in China
Coronavirus, just like any virus, mutates and creates sub-lineages. This is called convergent evolutionary. China’s current rise in population is thought to be caused by the BF.7 variant. This is the sub-lineage from the Omicron subvariant BA. Variants can be given different names depending on their origin.

According to data from various health authorities, the BF.7 variant has been found in 5 percent of US cases and 7 percent of UK cases. According to a study published in Cell Host and Microbe Journal, the BF.7 variant is 4.4 times more resistant than the D614G original.


What is India’s Covid situation?

After the recent increase in Covid-19 cases in China the epidemic has returned to the centre of India’s focus. This is likely to cause the deaths of millions.

Dr Ashutosh Shukla is Senior Director- Internal Medicine, Max Hospital Gurugram in Harayana. He explains that “Covid cases are once more on the rise in countries like China and USA with 4 new cases BF-7 variants being reported in India. It is high time we return to the Covid norms.” Because this variant could spread throughout the country, the risk is high. It is important to practice appropriate behavior like wearing a mask and frequently washing your hands.

Crowds are inevitable at Christmas and New Years, which increases the risk for the new variant to be spread. It is crucial to take precautions.

Dr Shukla advises that one should use a face mask if they are going to crowded places and to wash their hands with water frequently. If this is not possible, then use hand sanitizer and keep social distancing. This will help prevent the spread and spread of Covid.

India’s government plans to implement strict measures to stop a Covid-19 spike
Prime Minister Narendra Modi presided over a meeting in the wake of the Covid crisis. While he stressed the importance of ensuring that all infrastructure is prepared in terms of processes and equipment, he also chaired a high-level meeting to assess the government’s Covid-19 readiness in the wake the China case surge.

The PM demanded that DNA sequencing and testing activities be increased. The INSACOG genome sequencing centers have asked that each state provide a significant quantity of samples daily. He also urged people not to forget the Covid-19 rules, particularly in the lead up to Christmas.


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