The disease of diabetes is debilitating that affects millions all over the world. Someone suffering from diabetes might have elevated blood sugar levels because of an absence levels of insulin inside their body. The body’s body stops using insulin in the way it is supposed to. It’s a condition that affects the entire life which means that your daily activities and the food you consume can influence the levels of your blood sugar. This is why you must monitor the food you consume if wish to keep your diabetes under control.

Chia seeds, as an example are a popular choice as a great source of nutrition for those who suffer from diabetes. Do you know someone you know incorporates Chia seeds into everything they consume – and for the best reasons! It’s a fantastic source of vital nutrients that will help you avoid many ailments. Are chia seeds beneficial for those suffering from diabetes?

Cured Care spoke with Dr Ritesh Gupta director of Diabetes and Endocrinology at Fortis C Doc Hospital, New Delhi to know if Chia seeds can help patients who suffer from diabetes.

chia seeds for diabetes
Are chia seeds good for diabetes? 

Are chia seeds an excellent supplement to a diet for diabetics?

Diabetics need to be vigilant for the food they consume. It is possible for things to go wrong for those suffering from diabetes if they do not keep track of what they consume. The most important thing is to eat food items that assist you to to control the glucose levels and help keep your weight under control.

According to Dr. Gupta Chia seeds are a fantastic food source for omega-3 fats, fiber and magnesium. All of these nutrients could reduce the possibility of complications associated with Type 2 Diabetes. “Regular consumption of chia seeds in conjunction with healthy eating habits can aid in weight loss, too and as we are aware that losing weight can help in the management of diabetes. Furthermore Chia seeds can be anti-inflammatory by the nature, and therefore help to regulate your excessive amount of glucose levels in your blood.” explained the specialist.

How can you include Chia seeds in your diet?

Dr. Gupta states that an teaspoon of chia seeds provides 10 grams of fiber, that is why an adult could drink up to 22.4 to 33.6 milligrams of fiber per day, based on their age and gender. “Two tablespoons or 20gm of Chia seeds a day is recommended if someone is diabetic,” Dr Gupta recommends.

In her article, she explains how you can add the chia seeds into your diet for diabetes Dr. Gupta suggests taking “a teaspoon of the chia seed” in the water in a bottle and adding thinly cut pieces of lemons to the drink. Consume it within an hour after drinking the drinks.” Another option to incorporate chia seeds into your diet with diabetes is in salads. “While adding fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts are advisable, sprinkling seeds such as chia and flax will make the salad fibre-rich, and also help keep your blood sugar levels stable.”

chia seeds for diabetes

Is chia seeds good for diabetes? 

Chia seeds can cause adverse effects

Chia seeds can provide a variety of benefits to people who suffer from diabetes, excessive consumption can cause issues. A few of the most common adverse effects of Chia seeds could affect people such as diabetics, hypertension as well as allergies and digestive problems.

“Anything that is consumed in excess could cause negative effects. So, eating greater than the recommended amount of chia seeds to aid in treatment of diabetes could result in adverse effects, such as the reduction of blood glucose levels to an level that the individual could need to adjust the dosage of insulin,” elucidates the endocrinologist.
If you decide to include chia seeds in your diet, one thing that you should be aware of is to consult a physician. Also, inquire about the quantity of the chia seeds in order to lower blood sugar levels.

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