Diwali is a festival that is full of lights. Sometimes when we are in a rush to burn firecrackers, it is easy to forget that they can be hazardous. In the event that you’re or somebody around has suffered burns or a laceration during the celebrations, you should know what to do to treat a burn caused by a burn from a firecracker!

How can I get rid of the firecracker burn that occurred during Diwali?

The term “burn” refers to a type of skin condition that is typically caused by heat however, it could also be caused by chemical and heat that are found in fireworks. Because of their thin skin children are particularly prone to the effects of burns. No matter how careful you are when igniting firecrackers However, accidents do occur. Let’s look at what you can do respond to this.

Cured Care have reached out to Dr Vikrant Shah, consultant physician, intensivist , and infectious disease specialist at Zen Multispeciality Hospital Chembur for information on what you can do to help victims of firecrackers during the Diwali celebrations.

Here are 3 steps to follow in treating burns caused by firecrackers in Diwali:

1. Cold water

If someone suffers from an mild burn be sure to keep the area submerged in cold water or use cold compresses for the affected area. Cooling the burn can reduce the swelling, pain and chance of scarring. In actual fact, it may reduce the severity of firecracker burns.

Cool water can offer relief!
Cool water can offer relief! 

2. Bandage

Utilize sterile gauze and then attach a bandage to the area affected. Covering the wound will allow it to heal quicker.

3. Moisturizer

Use a moisturizing cream on the area affected, which can prevent dry skin. It will also reduce the risk of developing blisters. Avoid using any lotion, cream, or product without consulting your doctor. In addition, painkillers should only be taken only after the doctor has prescribed them.

Treatment of eye injuries caused by fireworks

Firecrackers may cause eyeball damage or cause thermal and chemical burns. Any of these could result in a permanent eye injuries. Therefore, if your eyes have been damaged by firecrackers, make sure you go towards the nearest hospital. You can apply either an eyepad or mild, clean dressing on the eye injured, but even if the damage is not too serious. You could also apply water to clean the eye.

Do not ignore the signs.
Do not ignore the signs. 

Five home remedies you can apply every day to completely heal the burn

1. Aloe vera

Aloe vera can work wonders on burnt skin. Did you realize? Aloe vera can be a wonderful option for treating burns that are first-degree. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities of aloe are believed to improve blood circulation in the area around your burn which also reduces the development of bacteria in that region, as well as protecting against infections. Utilize pure aloe vera gel straight from the leaf from the plant. Do not use artificial gels.

2. Honey

Honey is safe to apply to mild to moderate burns. Honey is anti-inflammatory as well as antibacterial and can help to treat burns of the first degree.

3. Coconut oil

Contrary to what is commonly believed coconut oil does not be used to treat all ailments. It is, however, a great aid. Coconut oil is a rich source of vitamin E that is ideal for treating the post-burn scar in the face.

Make use of it to heal the burn.
Make use of it to heal the burn. 

4. Lavender oil

The linalyl acetate as well as beta-caryophyllene are anti-inflammatory and pain relieving characteristics of lavender oil. They assist in the treatment of minor burns. It may accelerate the healing process.

5. Tea tree oil

The oil of tea tree is packed in antiseptic and anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that permit the user to treat minor burns.


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