Drinking water is an easy task that does not require much thought, but , as per a number of recent research and Ayurveda the way and time you drink water will have an impact on your body. Therefore, it’s crucial to get the right balance. Let’s look at how to drink water in the correct method.

Everyone knows how vital it is to drink enough water to ensure the proper performance of your body. It is recommended that you drink water to drink per daily is between 9 and 11 cups a day and you can make the assumption that drinking water is is always required by our bodies.

In accordance with US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, drinking water can help prevent dehydration which could cause confusion and mood swings, as well as overheating in the body, constipation, and kidney stones. Because water isn’t calorie-laden as well, it is also helpful in regulating your body weight and reduce the calories consumed when it is replaced with unhealthy beverages like the sweet tea beverage or soda.

Drink Water
Water is crucial to avoid dehydration! 

The body is nourished by water as it:

* Helps maintain body temperature.
* Offers cushioning to the joints.
Protect yourself from injury by protecting your spine and other tissues that are sensitive.
* Cleans the body by sweating, urination and stool movements.

Radhi Devlukia Shietty known as an Ayurvedic specialist, has recently posted an Instagram reel that included suggestions on how to drink water in the best way.“Ayurveda has shown me how your water consumption habits can affect your body’s general wellness. Here’s the 101 course for doing it correctly,” she wrote in her caption.

How do you drink water the correct way?

1. Always ensure that you have water that is lukewarm

Hot or warm water has the capacity to soak more deeply into the tissues of your body. Warm water purifies and cleanses your body better than normal or cold water. Cold water that is icy cold can be an absolute hazard to your health since it could cause you to suffer from cough or cold issues and also affect the digestive system. Warm food items aid digestion, while colder foods can hinder it.

Drinking hot water is effective in losing weight. 
Drinking hot water is effective in losing weight. 

2. Sit down and drink your water.

Drinking and standing up can alter the balance of body fluids. There is a risk of accumulating extra fluids in your body if drink when standing up, and can cause arthritis. It can also affect the absorption and digestion of minerals, which can cause various other issues as well.

"Sit and drink" should be your mantra! 
“Sit and drink” should be your mantra! 

3. Take your drink slowly

drinking water in small doses helps the body take in the minerals and nutrients efficiently. It is also easier for our kidneys to eliminate all fluids.

4. Get your day started by sipping a glass of boiling water.

Consume the warm liquid in the morning , as it assists in flushing out waste that has accumulated over the night while cleansing your digestive tract so that you are up and running for your day! It also improves the metabolism, which aids in weight loss.

5. Be sure to drink plenty of water before eating

Ayurveda strongly suggests that one should not drink fluids with their meals. You should drink plenty of water up to an hour prior to and after meals, but not at mealtimes. Too much water consumed near the time of your meals can weaken the acidity of your digestive system and disrupt the normal digestion of food. If you have to drink, you should drink a glass or two in the course of your meals.


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