Although millets have been used for centuries as feed for animals and birds, recent studies have shown that they are good for your health and have many nutritional benefits. People have also started to include them in their diets, and this is a great thing. Let’s find out how to make millets the best way!


What are millets, and what health benefits are they providing?

These are small seed grasses that can be used to make cereal crops. They are widely used in many African countries and Asia. We have many millet recipes in India like bajre-ki-roti, bajre-ki khichdi and Ragi Paniyaram. Also, millet porridge, etc. There are many types of millets, including finger and pearl millets (bajra), ragi, and ragi.

millet porridge
Millets are gluten-free and great for weight loss. Its gluten-free status also increases its popularity among diabetic patients. Research has shown that millets have high levels of dietary fiber, minerals such as iron, calcium and zinc. This makes them an all-rounder with many health benefits, including:

* Provides ample nutrition and keeps diseases under control
* Excellent for improving your heart health and preventing coronary disease
* Effectively lowers blood pressure, stroke risk and heart attack risk
* Lowers your risk of developing diseases such as atherosclerosis
* It helps in controlling sugar levels in your body
* Aids with gastrointestinal problems
* Helps in detoxification

All kinds of health benefits can be found in millets 

Rule number one to cook these grains into tasty and healthy millet recipes, is to first prepare soft and fluffy millets! Let’s know how to do that!

To make these grains into delicious and nutritious millet recipes it is important to prepare soft, fluffy millets first! Let’s learn how to do this!

How to make millets

Step 1

Millets should be placed in a bowl. Rinse them twice. When washing millets, it is important to rub the surface between your fingers.

cook millets

Before cooking, wash the millets well. 

Step 2

The millet that you use may require that the millets be soaked for between 3 and 6 hours. It is sometimes a good idea to soak the millets overnight. Some millets, such as barnyardmillet, don’t require to be soaked more than 30 minutes.

Step 3

Heat a saucepan or pressure cooker on medium heat. Add 3x more water to the pan than millets and some salt once it is hot.

Step 4

Cover the pan once almost all of the water has been absorbed. Once that is done, cook the millets over a low flame until they are soft and fluffy.

Step 5

Turn off the heat once they are done. Fluff them with a fork. Allow it to cool and then use it for any millet recipe you wish!

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