The pressures of daily life may force people to take a break with drinking a glass of wine however, it’s not the ideal choice option for your needs. It could be the ideal escape for a night but it will cause you to be a victim when you wake up. While we may not want to feel like a buzzkill, alcohol isn’t the best choice in terms of health. You don’t have to consume a large amount of it to experience the effects that it has on your body. An evening of drinking with acquaintances can cause an upset in your digestive system, which is one of the many negative consequences that come with drinking.

As per the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention The consumption of excessive alcohol consumption could cause disruptions to digestion, thereby increasing the risk of developing serious illnesses such as cancer. Health shots contacted with Dr. Rakesh Patel Consultant Gastroenterologist of Fortis Hospital in Kalyan, Maharashtra to better understand the relationship to alcohol consumption and digestive health.

Alcohol increases digestive problems risk

The effects of alcohol on the digestive system

Have you ever experienced an unpleasant sensation in your stomach following a night of drinking alcohol the previous night? It is a fact that drinking alcohol is not good for digestive health, but did you realize that it can cause problems such as acidity? Dr. Patel says that alcohol can cause deterioration of various organs when consumed in excessive quantities. This includes your digestive system.

Alcohol affects the stomach when consumed because it produces acid, which makes it difficult for the body to fight off bacteria in the stomach. The result is acidity, which can lead to nausea, heartburn as well as inflammation, indigestion and lesions, in addition to other issues.”The author further states that the heavy consumption of alcohol could cause long-term gastric issues such as gastro-intestinal (GI) disorders or non-GI-related disorders such as pancreatitis, gastritis, esophagitis as well as cirrhosis and hepatitis. chronic diarrhea and many more. It may also cause the malnutrition of children, as well as hematological disorders and impact the brain, which can cause neurological problems. Drinking excessively can also make it more likely to develop developing mouth cancer as well as other types of cancer including oesophagus cancer and breast cancer, as well as pancreatic cancer, colorectal tumors and liver cancer.

alcohol and cancer
An excessive amount of alcohol consumption can cause stomach issues.

Limit your alcohol consumption to benefit from its effects

In spite of the fact that excessive drinking can result in a number of negative side negative effects, limiting alcohol consumption is proven to bring health advantages. If these issues persist, one should seek out a physician. Treatment or medication may be necessary to improve health. A number of studies have revealed that moderate consumption of alcohol can have numerous advantages. It may reduce the chance of developing heart disease. According to Dr. Patel “It doesn’t matter what kind of beverage you consume; however, any amount that exceeds 40 g per day has been proven to be hazardous to the health. It is also recommended not to drink alcohol while pregnant particularly if there is an ancestral background to liver cancer or pancreatic cancer..”

According to some research There isn’t a specific limit to be considered safe when it comes to alcohol consumption and the guidelines for this are different across the world and based on the nation in which you live. In the USA the men can drink more than four drinks per day , or over 14 drinks in a week, women are allowed to consume more than one drink per day, or more than seven drinks every week. Therefore, if one is inclined to drink, it should be done in moderation, advises the gastroenterologist.


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