In terms of exercises for strength, squats can be one of the simplest and yet the most effective exercises to do. They help to lose weight and helps strengthen your legs as well. However, if you do it incorrectly it can be the main cause of injuries or body pain. Let’s take a look at how you can do the correct squats.

The benefits of Squats

Squats have been proven to be effective in can help strengthen muscles of the lower limb , and increase the capability to stop a displacement that is lateral or medial to the knee. Squats are primarily focused on your legs, and aids with building the glutes and hip muscles, quadriceps, calves, hamstrings, and other the obliques. They also help you work the core muscles. Squats are ideal to burn fat and help you on your weight loss goals.

squat benefits
Intensify your glutes by using the help of Squats!Incorporating squats into your warming-up exercise will help you do a lot of good. For instance, prior to running or jogging, try doing three set of 10 squats. the squats help to strengthen your legs to prepare you for running.

It is crucial to do squats in the correct way, else it could result in an injured back or leg injuries.

back injury due to squats
Squats that aren’t done correctly can cause injury to the point of being painful.

How to do squats?

Step 1

Straighten your legs and place your feet separated by a shoulder. Your entire body should be straight, and your back shouldn’t be bent either outwards or inwards.

Step 2

Place your hands towards the front and raise your hands in a position that is directly parallel to the floor. This will help you stay in stability while performing those Squats.

Step 3

Once you’re in the right position, you can push your hips backwards and then go down as if you’re in the process of sitting in the chair. If you are bent the thighs and your hips should be in line with the floor, and your knees should be aligned with your toes.

how to do squat

Get your squat perfect!

Step 4

Keep the position for minute or two, then return back to the beginning position. Throughout the exercise, your back must remain straight, otherwise it will feel the stress from the workout.

Step 5

Repeat this 10-20 times, and then each time you inhale, while going down, and exhale as you come back up.

Give the squat a go to build a toned and toned body!

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