If your hair is considered to be the crowning glory of your appearance there are plenty of reasons reason to take care of it little more every day. If you’re one of the people who worry about their hair turning orange if apply the natural and traditional mehendi or henna for coloring it Welcome into the fold! Do you know that there’s a name for it? It’s called “orange panic”! Although people have long extolled the many advantages of using henna on hair However, many women are hesitant about using it due to the shade it leaves in its wake.

However, there’s some individuals who rely on the use of henna for a well-conditioned and beautiful locks that are natural and keep chemical dyes out of their reach. The younger generation, in particular, exhibit some hesitation in selecting the natural option in preference to chemical dyes due to the reality that the latter are offered in a variety of colors available. They are drawn to playing with tints, however in the same way they do not want to fall into the trap of going south! In all times, it’s important to remember that everything has to be perfect in the current digital age.

What is the best way to use henna in hair?

Dr. Chiranjiv Chhabra, Chief Dermatologist and Director of Alive Wellness Clinics, tells Health Shots, “Traditionally, people have followed the old custom of taking henna for a night in a vessel made of iron and then applying it on the following day.”

Today the ready-to-apply henna powder that is pre-soaked in henna (sometimes in tea or herbs water) is readily available on the market. All that needs to do is add the paste to the bowl and then apply it evenly all over your scalp and hair using an applicator brush, following stirring it just a tiny.

Then, wrap your hair in hair wraps to stop dryness and staining. After two to three hours, you can proceed to wash your hair using plain water. The same day, shampooing is not advised.

What exactly is “orange panic”?

If you’re brand unfamiliar with applying henna to your hair, or have tried an entirely new blend You might be shocked by the colour of your hair when you wash it off with the henna-based paste. Perhaps you’ve tried an alternative colour, such as deep red or brunette ton. This phenomenon is often referred to as “orange panic” in the henna-for-hair world. It’s common to see an increase in brightness; however, the intensity gradually diminishes.

If you’re thinking what happens to henna that ends with your hair getting an orange tint We’ll find out!

“Henna’s dye is naturally copper or orange in the color. The color intensifies when the dye oxidizes , and it is permanently absorbed into the Keratin (a protein that creates nail hair as well as the skin). For those who are tense on the leash to attend an event or just cannot wait to see the henna’s orange hue to disappear, there’s an option to avoid this step altogether,” says Dr Chhabra.

How can you stop your hair going orange due to Henna

After taking care of drying and washing your hair using regular henna. All you have to do is mix indigo powder with warm water. The powder is easily accessible. You will be able to have an array of choices. Choose one that is free of chemical components. After that, spread it over your hair and leave it for around 1-2 hours, based on the shade you prefer. Rinse and shampoo your hair the following day. You’ll be left with a hair like you’ve never seen before!

You can also include indigo powder into your henna mix in order to create a darker henna for hair It can give your hair darker brown, or even black appearance. Some people also prefer the brewed coffee or tea, or beetroot.

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