It’s been over two years since people around the globe continue to wrestle against the microscopic scourge, coronavirus. Each wave of coronavirus, variation after variation was released, creating fear among the population at large. With the introduction of Subvariants BA.5.1.7 as well as BF.7 on the table, an controversy is brewing about a new covid-19 infection wave.

The Omicron subvariants, that initially appeared somewhere within Mongolia in China are now present in India. According to reports it appears that the Gujarat Biotechnology Research Center has found the first instance that has BF.7 BF.7 found in India. As cases of the newly discovered subvariants within Omicron have come up again, it is essential to be aware of the risks, especially in advance on Diwali celebrations.

The precautions to be taken in Diwali because Omicron the new subvariant BF.7 is introduced to India.
The precautions to be taken in Diwali because Omicron the new subvariant BF.7 is introduced to India.

What are the factors that make Omicron the subvariant BA.5.1.7 as well as BF.7 more risky?

The two new variants BA.5.1.7 and BF.7 also called Omicron the spawn were discovered in the autonomous region of the inner part in Mongolia, China. The disease has spread across the whole of China and has also been observed within China and the United States. There have been cases discovered in areas of Europe.

Dr. Vijay Arora, Senior Director of Internal Medicine, Max Hospital, Patparganj, New Delhi is warning that a new outbreak of coronavirus could be a threat this winter if people don’t become more vigilant. This will be facilitated by lots of new Omicron subvariants which are more highly evasive as well as by increased societal mixing, based on the statement.

BF.7 which is component of BA.2.5.17 and is more dangerous and can spread very quickly. It is immune-deficient and could even cause illness to those who have been vaccinated who were previously immunized using full doses as well as boosters, he said.

The vaccination is the best defense against Covid-19

According to an expert it is necessary to increase vaccination because of the new Covid-19 variants that are emerging. The reason cited for this is the decline in the effectiveness of vaccines and the greater immune evasion capability associated with covid-19 Omicron subvariants. Thus it is necessary to administer the second booster for those who are at higher chance of suffering from severe disease.

“Although booster that contain BA.5 are thought to provide the strongest defence against known variations. Booster vaccination regardless of whether it is the bivalent or the original vaccine, BA.1, or other variants of the vaccine will offer extra protection. In general the enhanced protection offered by the third dose is available with the original vaccine, or offered with variant vaccines that are for those at higher risk of developing severe diseases like those who are older than 60, or immuno-compromised patients,” he adds.

When is the ideal moment to receive the dose booster against Covid-19? Dr. Arora suggests that there should be at least five months time between the last illness and the dose booster, also known as that of the immuno booster, four doses. The gap is decreased to three months for those who have an immune system disorder. In addition, those at risk, particularly healthcare professionals, may receive the booster shot within three months.

Take precautions when celebrating Diwali due to Omicron is introducing a new variant of BF.7 comes into India. 

Take precautions when celebrating Diwali due to Omicron is introducing a new variant of BF.7 comes into India. 

Omicron spawn: precautions to be taken prior to Diwali celebrations

Here are some measures which can be useful to stop Covid-19’s surge. Covid-19 increase prior to Diwali according to Dr. Arora:

  • The primary vaccination is mandatory for all ages that are eligible. People who are at risk should be vaccines to protect themselves.
  • Find the latest community Covid-19 indicators
  • Make sure to cover up as early as is possible
  • Keep a quick test in your pocket and use them correctly
  • Find out the ways to access the best treatment for you in case you’re travelling

A word from an expert

As the Christmas season draws near and we are preparing for the holiday season, we must be cautious about large gatherings and adhere to the Covid-like behavior of keeping an approximate distance of three feet and hiding ourselves. Monitoring and supporting the efforts across every country and region is essential in identifying the subvariants or viral variants that have potential implications for treatment, diagnosis and treatment.

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