There are a number of myths and stigmas regarding condoms used by females that prevent women from making use of them to prevent pregnancy and ensure safety. Female condoms, sometimes referred to as internal condoms are as beneficial like male condoms in that they can prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Male condoms are referred to as external condoms. Condoms both external and internal aid with preventing the birth of a baby by blocking the sperm from travelling into the eggs. In addition they also help protect against sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs) which include HIV/AIDS and viral Hepatitis. With all the advantages that female condoms or inner condoms provide, they’re not widely used.

Let’s take a look at how internal condoms function and what to be aware of while making use of these condoms.

How effective are female condoms?

A lot of women are skeptical about the efficacy of condoms. Many are concerned that it could harm their vagina, and this is one of the most common reasons women hesitate to use condoms. If you put it on correctly and follow the guidelines of how to make use of condoms for women they can be extremely effective in stopping unwanted pregnancy. It is believed to be 100% effective if you follow the correct procedure.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of female condoms?

Many people have heard about different types of stigmas regarding their use. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of condoms for women.

The advantages of condoms inside

  • You can buy internal condoms in pharmacies without a prescription.
  • They are safe for use in pregnancy, childbirth and even during menstrual cycle.
  • When it comes to the prevention of unwanted pregnancy, internally-produced condoms work very well.
  • They also aid in stopping STIs.
  • They’re not made from latex, however, they are made of a slightly softer material. Nitrile is utilized for manufacturing, and it won’t cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. sensitive or irritated.
  • Condoms should be used for up to 8 hours prior to sexual activity. Therefore, you don’t have to hurry up when it’s time to go.
  • You can utilize water-based or oil-based lubricants in sexual activity, but it will not make the condom less efficient.
  • Female condoms have a longer shelf lifespan. They can last for up to five years without damage due to humidity or sunlight.
  • There aren’t any serious health risks that are associated with female condoms. It is safe to make use of.

Female condoms have disadvantages

  • Condoms for females can be higher in cost than male condoms.
  • A female condom may cause an uncomfortable sensation and some women do not enjoy the sensation.
  • They’re not as readily available as condoms for men and cannot readily be found in local pharmacy.
  • It may stop the contact between vagina and penis, which could lower the risk of clitoral stimulation, which could reduce the pleasure of sex.
  • Female condoms are sold in the sizes: medium and large. In India only one size is available.
  • It doesn’t contain any spermicidal gel.
  • Female condoms may be washed and used again but it is highly advised to purchase a brand fresh one each time.

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Important points to remember about condoms for internal use

  • It is not recommended to use condoms for males and females in tandem as the friction created by both may cause condoms tear, and cause the sexual intimacy to become less enjoyable and even painful.
  • Don’t tear the package of condoms by using any sharp object that could cause damage to the materials of it.
  • If your condom is broken the female condom, it will bunch into vagina. It is important to remove it and replace it right away.
  • Get rid of tampons or cups prior to putting condoms on.
  • While it’s not required, it is recommended to take condoms off immediately following sexual activity to avoid any type of sperm spillage.
  • Female condoms don’t remove the STI risk completely, however they can provide an important level of protection. Be sure to read the instructions in the package carefully and adhere to the instructions.


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