Women fast on Karwa Chauth to bless their husbands with a long life. They don’t drink water the entire day, except when they pray and see the moon. After all the rituals are completed, they only have one thought: food. We are sorry to inform you that if you eat fried foods and caffeinated beverages to break your fast, it is one of the worst fasting mistakes you can make. You can have several health problems if you eat heavy food to break your fast.

Let’s take a look at the mistakes you should avoid when breaking your fast

  • Caffeinated drinks are a great way to break your fast
  • After breaking the fast, indulge in fried food
  • A heavy meal at a restaurant is not advisable.
  • Insufficient water intake
  • Instead of choosing natural sugars, you should eat canned and processed juices.

Side effects of fasting errors

1. It can cause acidity

Many women feel the need for caffeine-rich beverages to break the fast, such as coffee/tea. Caffeine on an empty stomach should be avoided because it can increase the risk of acidity or heartburn.

Fasting mistakes
Digestion problems can lead to gas and acidity!

2. It can impact your mood

Although the exact effects of this medication may vary from one person to another, it is most commonly believed to cause bloating or indigestion. It will affect your mood if your stomach is upset. Festivals are a time to be mindful of what and how much food you eat.

3. It can lead to indigestion

Imagine going without food for 12 hours and then suddenly introducing spicy, fried and heavy meals to an empty stomach. This stage is when metabolism drops and high-calorie foods can cause indigestion. Flatulence and bloating may also occur. Gastric irritation can also be caused by spicy foods, which may affect your digestion.

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What are the best foods you can eat to break your fast

You can only choose simple, light meals that are easy on the stomach, fruits and nuts, or yogurt, which you can gradually increase in size. Hydration is key.

Fasting mistakes

Nuts are best. 

Keep a fast if you feel comfortable.

You should only fast if you feel comfortable. If you don’t do it correctly, fasting can become a problem. Your health should always be your top priority. If you’re used to fasting, make sure to listen to your body. To make the fast as smooth and gradual as possible, keep these points in mind. You must ensure you choose the right foods for the fast.

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