It is among the most frequent and serious health problems that affects millions of people across the globe. The most commonly mentioned reason for deaths for males and females across a wide range of nations. More likely is it to happen when there is an unrelated illness. Research has shown that those suffering from the condition are twice as likely to suffer from stroke or heart disease.

While research has revealed a link between the conditions, Health Shots talked to Dr. Sreekanth Shetty, Senior Consultant and Director of Interventional Cardiology, Sakra World Hospital, Bengaluru, to learn more about the link.

Are heart disease and diabetes in a link?

According to the Dr. Shetty, “High blood sugar, also referred to as diabetes mellitus is a common chronic disease that can develop the pancreas is unable to make enough insulin or your body is unable to effectively utilize the insulin it creates. 

“Heart failure” is a disease which occurs when the heart is not able to carry oxygenated blood throughout the body, but it is mostly undiagnosed and frequently misdiagnosed. Because of the growing prevalence of diabetes in our country because of our poor lifestyle and an increasing consumption of unhealthy foods as well as the escalating effects of cardiovascular failure. ” He added.

connection between heart disease and diabetes
Is diabetes and heart diseases co-related? 

Heart Failure can be more frequent for people suffering of diabetes

According to the experts who study the subject, those suffering from diabetes is around two to four times the risk of developing heart issues than the general population. “Also failing the heart can be a sign of diabetes, which suggests that there is a connection between both. Patients who suffer from diabetes advanced age, time of the disease as well as the use of insulin the existence of coronary arthritis and elevated creatinine level have all been identified as risk factors not associated with the development of heart failure. “

In addition to explaining the connection, he mentions the reality that being diagnosed with Type two heart disease or diabetic in isolation increases the chance of developing either and they often happen together. This results in a further decline in patients’ health, more hospitalizations, more trips to the emergency department, death before the age of 30, a decline in quality of life as well as an increased expenses of healthcare.

Can we reduce from happening?

In response to a question regarding the primary risk of heart disease for diabetics, Dr. Shetty stated, “The possibility of heart failure as a result of metabolic changes among people suffering from diabetes is elevated due to the impact of certain anti-diabetic medicines. So, the prevention of heart disease with diabetes-reducing medications is a significant concern for physicians of primary care and cardiologists as well. In addition, those with heart disease that suffer from diabetes need multidisciplinary approaches to take medical decisions regarding the level of glycemic regulation in conjunction with the dosage and type of medication needed to decrease glucose levels as well as any modifications to treatment plans that aim to lower blood glucose levels to be made in a gradual manner. “

how to prevent the risk of diabetes and heart disease?
Is diabetes and heart diseases co-related? 

Doctor claims that there is evidence that suggests that any measures that enhance the chances of recovery for those suffering from heart failure can be equally effective for patients who suffer from diabetes. By encouraging coordination and harmonization and early identification of risk factors and the appropriate treatment of risk factors it may help in preventing or reducing the progression in heart diseases.

It is, therefore, essential to maintain blood sugar levels within a certain range. Regularly exercise keep a healthy weight and follow the right diet.

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