In a country that is full of celebrations at all year round isn’t an easy task, particularly when you’re embarking on losing weight diet. In the festive season, many Indian households are stuffed with delicious, rich, and irresistible desserts, and snack foods. Even those who have healthy weight levels tend to gain weight during the holiday season. Here’s the best way to help you ensure that you keep your health and weight, in check throughout the holiday season.

Here are nine simple strategies and tricks to help you avoid the accumulation of extra weight:

1. Smaller portion size

Small portions or portions of sweets, snacks, fried foods drinks, and various food items that are fatty will aid you in maintaining your weight control.

2. Take your time eating.

This old theory is the best when applied to this situation. Instead of filling your plate Take smaller portions of less food. Take them slowly and slowly.

Take a smaller portion and consume slowly.
Take a smaller portion and consume slowly.

3. Use low-fat ingredients

When you are making sweets at home Try using lower-fat (skimmed) milk, as well as various dairy items. Instead of refined sugar, If you can, substitute sugar that is natural, such as jaggery, honey, or dates. Utilize whole wheat flour to create sweets and snacks. Purchase diet desserts, ice cream and sweets readily available on the market. Opt for these and you will feel less guilty.

4. The choice of sweets

Choose sweets such as laddoos (suji coconut, suji), Kheer, and gajar (Carrot) Halwa. They are healthy and contain lower calories than the fried sweets such as Gulab jamun Jalebi, Boondi items and more. Make sure to eat high-calorie food during the first part during the first half of your day.

5. Select dry fruits instead of fritters

If you are faced with a option between dry fruits and sweets, you should always go instead of dry ones. Even if both are packed with calories, they’re certainly not “empty calories”.

Don't let dry and nuts fruit go to waste!
Don’t let dry and nuts fruit go to waste! 

6. Drink plenty of water prior to snacking.

To give you the sense of filling, consume a glass of water prior to snacking. This will help reduce the cravings of your body and help you less hungry. It is also possible to drink some hot water after eating sweets to aid in digestion.

7. In moderation, drink alcohol

Consuming alcohol in an inverse ratio of 2:1 to drinking water can be a great practice to adhere to. There is no doubt that you’ll have a few pees, but what’s not likely to happen is excessive weight gain, followed by guilt.

8. Do not drink carbonated beverages.

Beware of carbonated drinks since they can are loaded with empty calories that will make it very difficult to burn off later.

Control your binge drinking!
Control your binge drinking!

9. Exercise regularly

It is possible to continue with your regular workout routine and push yourself to run an extra mile if you’re craving sweets. It’s perfectly acceptable to relax and unwind during your time off for the festival and you are able to work for a while after.


Do not be too harsh on yourself.
It’s not something you’d ever want to do.
This will cause you to be more difficult. Accept the weight growth (for at least the moment) and concentrate on ways to manage it. Be sure to keep all your food in moderation, and remember to work out.


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