It’s time for festivals! The festivals are fun for all and provide a welcome relaxation from everyday stress. In the course of the festival sweets are an integral element of the festival. While we indulge in sweets or savoury foods, as well as food items that are fried, we don’t realize that they may harm the health of our digestive system and result in the formation of bloating and acidity. However, if the damage has already done, consider these strategies to decrease acidity and bloating.

Festival and digestion health

Cured Care have been in contact via Anupama Menon, a certified nutritionist and food coach from Bengaluru She shared couple of tips for managing acidity and bloating.

Menon states, “Food becomes a big element of our celebrations and due to the diverse food choices due to our religion and culture the amount of experiments is vast and is not able to be controlled. This is why it is crucial to keep some important factors in your mind for people who are concerned about their health and need to ensure their fitness throughout the holiday months.”

Here are five ways to control acidity and bloating problems during festivals:

1. Be sure to keep your workout routine going

It is evident that it is impossible to keep a consistent schedule of exercise during the festival season A morning walk that lasts between 20 and 25 minutes 5 to 6 days per week is the best option. If you are unable to do it in the early morning hours, then do the exercise in late in the night. Walking for a short distance is the ideal exercise to keep up with. It builds your stamina and helps keep your heart and stomach fit.

Fitness has many advantages for women!
Fitness has many advantages for women! 

2. Plan your meal

Make your meals for the day in relation to your social gatherings and religious events in advance. It will assist you in avoiding eating too much or choosing unhealthy food items. Avoid overindulging in sweets or fried foods even on your cheat day, because they can be detrimental to the digestive system. It may require some time but it’s well worth it.

3. Probiotic

Your digestive system is crucial to ensure the proper functioning of your entire body. Incorporate probiotics into your diet to keep it running and operating normal. Your body’s digestion process can be more efficiently and bad bacteria are held in check with the help of probiotics. Consume sauerkraut, yoghurt or kimchi, kefir, or tempeh. These food items can aid in keeping gas at bay and maintain an appropriate balance of beneficial organisms in the digestive tract.

4. Ajwain and Jeera water

A large number of people drink ajwain or jeera water to combat acidity and other digestive issues. Ajwain is antibacterial and can help treat digestive issues like flatulence, gas, and acidity. When drinking water from jeera regularly, it helps detox the digestive tract, improve digestion and lessen gas production Additionally, it functions as an astringent drink. Additionally, it is rich in fiber.

Ajwain offers numerous health benefits. 

5. Drink water

Drink plenty of fluids and eat well when you drink the alcohol in order to avoid the negative adverse consequences. Water assists in the breakdown of food and absorption of nutrients. So, ensure that you drink enough drinking water during the course of your day.


Celebrations are an excellent occasion to enjoy quality time with your family and friends while taking pleasure in the food that you’d like. By keeping these suggestions in your mind, and making those small conscious decisions as long as we can, we will be able to enjoy the festivities.


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