As everyone is busy revelling in the lights of the festival with fireworks and sweets there’s a serious problem that your hair may be facing during this holiday season. The airborne pollutants that are present in the atmosphere during this time could result in the increase of greenhouse gases, which can negatively affect the health of hair. This is why we’re sharing the best ways to protect your hair from the damage caused by pollution.

It’s almost impossible to stay clear of the effects of pollution after Diwali but you can always safeguard yourself.

Follow these 5 steps to guard your hair from the harmful effects of pollution this Diwali:

1. Hair protection is an absolute necessity.

The most crucial thing is protecting your hair by wearing caps or covering one’s hair by a scarf. It may sound strange, but it’s required. Exposure to particles of Matter(PM), Nickel, Lead and Arsenic could cause a condition known as ‘Sensitive scalp Syndrome’, which can develop when the PM is deposited on the scalp as well as in the shaft of hair. It can cause symptoms of burning dry, stinging scalp, some discomfort in the scalp, or paresthesia in the scalp. A steam bath after Diwali festivities is vital to remove particulate matter that has accumulated on the body and hair, but be sure to not walk out of the home with hair that is wet.

Yes, pollutants damage hair.
Yes, pollutants damage hair.

2. Moisture retention

In the course of this celebration, it is commonplace that the hair and scalp get dry and dull. A massage with warm oil to improve circulation to the scalp and applying the oil on the ends of hair strands can create an outer layer of protection over the hair shafts, ensuring that the particles fall onto the scalp and in the layers on the hair. This reduces the amount of proteins, particularly Keratin production in the hair follicles and the cells. It is also possible to apply the serum that protects against the possibility of damage.

3. Make sure you nourish your hair follicles

When choosing the best hairstyles is one method to shield your hair from fireworks (for instance, putting your hair in updos or braids) However, if truly need to nourish your hair to ensure proper development and to guard against pollutants in the air it is essential to take antioxidant supplements. Supplements with collagen can help to reverse not only damages caused by particle issues, but also enhance hair growth and quality throughout.

4. Drink plenty of water

And lastly, but not least crucially, consume a sufficient amount of water or eat foods with a significant amount of water. Take your time, get plenty of sleep and exercise, consume nutritious, protein-rich meals, reduce stress and relish this Diwali to the maximum.

Manage hair issues by completely hydrating them.
Manage hair issues by completely hydrating them.

5. Balance your sugar levels

Sugary treats during Diwali are obvious , however maintaining an appropriate balance is essential as excess sugar can harm gut bacteria and triggers hair loss as a consequence.

Thank you for all your support. Happy Diwali From Cured Care!


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