India is a nation with different religions and communities and a variety of celebrations. These are times of celebrations and sharing meals with our family and loved ones. Food is an essential aspect of the festival however, it also brings the anxiety of adding pounds! Do you eat? take in food, how much you should take in, what to eat when and what food to eat are all debates that make rounds in our minds. What’s most important is to choose a diet that is healthy for us! As we approach Diwali 2022, we should take a look at healthy tips for eating healthy to stay fit during the festive season.

It is essential to recognize the importance of a balanced lifestyle that includes healthy eating habits and moderate exercise routinely throughout the year is crucial to ensure good health. A few days that are different from the norm won’t make your health turn from being good to poor. You can indulge in the delicious foods by keeping the quantity under the right place!

Choose healthy laddoos
Choose healthy laddoos. 

You must be aware of the food to stay clear of during Diwali along with the necessity to not let off your workout routine, even while you are making the most of the celebration season.

13 healthy eating strategies to help you keep fit

Based on Bhakti Samant the chief dietitian at Kokilaben Dhirubhai-Ambani Hospital Mumbai Here are some suggestions to remain well-nourished throughout Diwali season. Diwali season.

1. Moderation is essential when eating your favourite foods at the time of the festival. The control of portion can assist you in keeping in check the consumption of calories. Make smaller portions of the plate and try not to refill it over and over again.

2. Foods that are high in dietary fiber should be the mainstay of your meal.

3. Opt for a daytime lunch event instead of a night-time one If possible.

4. Take a bite of fruit or small portion of food prior to going to a gathering or gathering.

5. Do not fast all day prior to going to the party because it will not aid in controlling your intake , and instead will cause you to consume more food.

6. Start your meal by drinking the consumption of a liquid drink like soup or buttermilk, or lime water because it can help reduce appetite. Stay clear of sugar-sweetened drinks.

7. Begin eating proteins since it can help improve satisfaction. Protein-rich food items like pulses, curd, sprouts grilling chicken, fish and so on can be added.

8. Choose between a fried sweet snack and a savoury dessert at the same time. Beware of eating both simultaneously. If possible, choose baked or baked savoury treats instead of deep-fried snacks.

Avoid fried food

Avoid fried food to keep your health in check during Diwali! 

9. If you are choosing desserts, choose the desserts that are milk-based over those that are deep-fried. For instance, easgulla over gulab jamun.

10. If you drink, make sure to choose drinks that don’t contain sugar.

11. Make sure you are hydrated by drinking approximately 3 liters of fluids per day in the forms of smoothies, soups coconut water, lime water, infused water and so on, in addition to water.

12. Do not eat ready-to-eat or packaged food itemsThe greater the consumption of processed food items is lower, the less nutrients available.

13. Regularly working out for at least 30 minutes is a great way to maintain your weight throughout the holidays. Find activities you enjoy and enjoy, but don’t join with the crowd. Start your day with a vigorous workout or jogging Zumba yoga, aerobics Pilates and HIIT as well as exercise.

aerobics for fitness

Don’t forget to exercise! 

The final word

Keep in mind that it’s not the food one eats at the time of the festival that determines your health, but rather the regularity with which one makes healthy choices all year long! Use these healthy eating guidelines and you’ll notice the change!

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