Are you a crying wreck because your stove has been left on? Did you miss someone? Except for a chronic or serious brain issue, forgetting is normal. You can improve your memory by taking everyday steps.

Lifestyle and food can have a significant impact on brain and cognitive function. Anjali Mukherjee, a celebrity nutritionist, recently shared 9 tips on Instagram to combat memory problems.

Anjali Mukherjee says, “It’s important not to panic or get upset when it’s difficult to remember something.” It is not a good idea to dwell on the problem. Instead, take action. You don’t have to change your entire lifestyle if your condition isn’t too serious. This will make a significant impact on your memory.

Here are some natural ways to improve your memory at home

1. Vitamin B is good for the brain

She advises that you increase your intake of vitamin B, particularly vitamin B12 and B9 as they enhance memory. Vitamins B12 are found mostly in animal products like meat, eggs, and milk. For those who eat vegetarian or vegan diets, yeast extracts and fortified cereals are good sources of Vitamin B12. Green leafy vegetables, whole grains, beans and eggs are good sources of Vitamin B9 (or Folic acid).

Vitamin B12 is a wonderful supplement for brain health.
Vitamin B12 is a wonderful supplement for brain health. 

2. The brain health boosters that polyphenols provide are amazing

Polyphenol-rich foods include jamun, green tea and pomegranate. Blueberries, blackberries, cocoa powder, dark chocolate, and pomegranate are all good options. Experts recommend these foods to improve brain health and memory.

3. Basil seeds combat cognitive decline

The Omega-3, fatty acid, and polyphenols in Sabja or Basil seeds are high. These nutrients help prevent cognitive decline by reducing nerve inflammation.

4. Magnesium, the anti-stress mineral, is your best bet

Magnesium is an anti-stress mineral that can be increased by increasing your magnesium intake. It is essential for memory and learning. Mukherjee says that magnesium-rich foods include nuts, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, soybeans and milk, as well as seafood.

5. Treat your brain with tricks

Puzzles and riddles are great brain exercises. Keep your brain active by playing chess or other board games. Give your brain some well-deserved rest. Your brain will be charged if you sleep 8 hours a night.

To improve your memory function, you can indulge in word games and puzzles.
To improve your memory function, you can indulge in word games and puzzles. 

6. A healthy body is a healthy mind

A healthy mind is a healthy body, as the old saying goes. It is important to exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. The veteran nutritionist adds that regular exercise can prevent mental decline. You might also consider giving the Ganesh Modra for memory another try.

7. Meditation is your motto

Mukherjee says that meditation can help you avoid memory issues as you age and keep you sharp and alert right through your twilight years.

Meditation can help you stay calm and sharp.
Meditation can help you stay calm and sharp. 

These tips can help improve your memory. Try them and you will be amazed at the results! For those with a chronic memory loss or brain condition, you should consult your doctor to get the best treatment.


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