Do you feel that the abundance of sweets this holiday season made it difficult for you to squeeze in your favourite pants? Are you wondering what has changed in only a few weeks? Most likely that you have a muffin top in the way of your pants. Let’s look at the yoga poses that could alleviate this issue for you.

Muffin top, also known as Love handles is a colloquial expression for the side bulges around our waists due to an accumulation of fat in the region. It is for most people the first place to accumulate the fatter area when they are some time off from their exercise routine or diet.

In addition to the appearance or inability for a good fit in your clothing It isn’t good for your overall health too. Here are five yoga poses recommended by Anushka Parwani who is a renowned yoga teacher and holistic wellness expert who has her own Instagram handle. They are designed to help you get rid of those muffin-tops and loves handles.

Yoga poses to rid yourself of the muffin top as well as love handles:

1. Mountain Pose (Single hand)

Sit in a mat, with your legs and feet together. Make sure that you’re standing in a straight line with your neck and back in an upright position. Straighten your right arm over your head, then bend to the left side and then return to the starting position. Repeat this until you have completed fifteen Reps for each leg.

2. Mountain Pose (Both hands)

To do the mountain pose, it is essential to remain completely straight, but this time extend both arms in a straight line above your head. Connect your hands and then bend and stretch to the right side and return to the starting position. Repeat this 15 times per side.

Mountain pose can help you eliminate the muffin top!
Mountain pose can help you eliminate the muffin top! 

3. From knee to elbow (Opposite Side)

For this exercise, you’ll must be standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, and your hands placed are on the side of your head. When you are in that position pull the left leg to ensure that it’s bent at an angle that is right. After that, move forward until your right elbow is in contact with the knee of your left. Repeat this exercise with the left elbow as well. Complete 15 reps each on the other side.

4. From elbow to knee (Same Side)

The first step is to get in the same way as previously mentioned, with the hands hidden behind you. Instead of touching your opposite knee with your elbow, you should turn in that same way. This means that you raise the right knee in the direction of sideways in such a way that your feet face toward the sky. Then, you’ll bend to the right knee with your right elbow. Perform 15 reps for both sides.

5. Triangle Pose

To perform Triangle pose, also referred to in the form of Trikonasana it is necessary to sit straight and your legs spread wide. Extend your legs as far as you can while keeping your stability. The arms should be stretched so that you are parallel with the ground and the bend in the correct direction while looking upwards at the left hand. Repeat 15 times, on both sides.


Take advantage of the triangle posture to cut down those love handles!Take advantage of the triangle posture to cut down those love handles!

Make these at home to wear your favorite outfit this holiday period without having to worry about any side bulges.


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