Many Indian cultures call Lotus Padam, Kamal and Nadru. Because of its many health benefits, it is revered in Ayurvedic medicine. Lotus has been a speciality in Indian cuisine for centuries. In recent years, lotus’ health benefits have been the subject of intensive research.

A research paper published by National Center For Biotechnology Information states that “all sacred lotus parts have high bio-active substances and have been used to treat pharmacological uses such as antioxidative, astringent and emollient. They also contain anti-diabetic and antihyperlipidemic effects, antiaging, antihyperlipidemic, and anti-ischaemia.

The research paper was designed to examine the effects of lotus and its combinations on phenolic profiles and antioxidant activities as well as inhibitions of key enzymes that are relevant to Alzheimer’s. It can therefore be concluded that lotus is also a neuroprotective agent for the treatment of Alzheimer’s.

Dr. Aishwarya Fating, a nutrition expert, recently posted an Instagram post that highlighted the many health benefits of lotus flowers and offered an Ayurvedic perspective.

She wrote that Lotus was one of the coolest herbs in Ayurveda.


Five health benefits of lotus

1. Lotus for fertility

Dr Fating says lotus is Garbha Snapak. Lotus seeds, also known as makhana, or fox nuts are believed to aid in conception. They are rich in vitamin B complexes, which can increase sexual desire and regulate mood. The treatment of uterine bleeding can also be done with Lotus.

2. Lotus encourages sexual wellness

The ‘Vrushyam padmabijam’ or Aphrodisiac of Lotus seeds is excellent. They have been shown to increase the sexual drive of both men and women. They increase blood flow to the reproductive organs and promote sexual wellness. They are also beneficial in the maintenance of sperm in males.

3. Lotus encourages fetal growth

Lotus, also known as ‘Garbha Viruddhi’, is believed to encourage the growth of the fetus. It’s a rich source of nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin B and sodium. It’s also high in fiber and proteins. You can enjoy lots of delicacies like Makhana Kheer, Makhana Chaat, Lotus Stem Curry, and Lotus Stem Fry for a pregnant woman.

4. Lotus is a beauty plant

Lotus is referred to in Ayurveda as varnya. This means beauty herb. Antioxidants included in it are abundant, which slows down skin ageing. Lotus can reduce the appearance of spots and give your skin a glow. Kumkumadi tailam, an Ayurvedic facial oils that works wonders on the skin, contains Lotus extracts.

5. Reduces pitta, brings calm

Lotus is a good example of sheet (cold), gunna, and potency. It lowers Pitta and body heat. Lotus has a calming effect. A lotus flower pot can be a great way to bring serenity into your home and calm down anger.


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