Strengthening your abdominal muscles is not just a way to get the appearance of a slimmer stomach, but it also enhances your balance and eases back discomfort. So, stop skipping your ab

Workout and incorporate these 5 ab exercises that are simple and rewarding to your workout routine. What’s more? They’re suggested by fitness expert Yasmin Karachiwala who has taught many of Bollywood’s top stars – including Deepika Padukone Nora Fatehi, Alia Bhatt, Bipasha Basu and Katrina Kaif!

We obviously did not miss the opportunity to take notices when this fitness expert posted an exercise routine she’s been working out via Instagram. Instagram account.

The appeal of this easy exercise is the fact that it’s able to be performed any time, anywhere. All you require are a mat to exercise on and a bit of passion. Do you doubt us? Try it yourself.

5 ab exercises from Yasmin Karachiwala

1. Turn your body to twist

The first step is to lie on the mat with your arms above your head. After that, you stand up and then twist your body by pulling the left knee and your right elbow together. In the next set turn the other direction using the opposite knee and elbow. Involve your abs with each sit-up since it is a quality over quantity’ exercise. However, you must do at minimum 15 repetitions per side!

Before we get to the next ab workout for abs, here’s some ‘gyaan’ research to help you. A study published in 2016 suggests that women who could perform sit-ups were
less likely to suffer from the loss of muscle mass due to age.

Sit up and twist exercise
Try sit up and twist to let go of your belly fat and love handles. 

2. Supine kick ups

Have you ever heard that the word supine translates to “facing upwards” while lying down? This is the position you have to lay down in to perform this ab workout. These kick-ups don’t just be one of the most effective abdominal exercises, they also challenge you lower back muscles as well as the hamstrings. Make sure to keep your hands on the floor and your butt off the floor when you do the kick-up. After the kick-up then bend your knees making sure your calves are parallel to the floor and then rest your tush on the mat.

Repeat this 20 times!

Find out how to complete the ab workouts in this instructional video from Yasmin Karachiwala!

3. Side plank twist

If you hear “ab-workout,” an exercise like a plank may be the first exercise that comes to thoughts. This is not surprising. Planks will tighten your core muscles as many other exercises will. In this variation of the plank, Karachiwala starts off with one forearm, and another foot down on the mat. The other foot is placed over the one lying sitting on the mat. This way you’ll be able to shift your weight around your forearm and your foot. When you are doing the final step, ensure that your arm is straight towards the side perpendicular to your body. Turn your torso in a twist and then curl your arm backwards like you’re in a hug with the air around you.

Involving your side in the plank twist at minimum 15 times on each side will help to tone your abs.

4. Seated leg on the bottle

To perform this ab workout Your palms should remain flat to the floor with your feet aligned. The purpose of this exercise is to work you abdominal muscles to move your legs to the side, creating an arc that is semicircle around your feet. Keep the bottle close to you to be the central point of the arc.

This exercise requires 15 repetitions per side.

5. All 4’s Hover Twist

Start by placing your palms and toes on the floor. Make sure your knees are bent but don’t rest them on the floor. It is important to keep them hovering above the mat. Turn, and straighten one leg, say the right leg- underneath the other. Then you can fold the other armand turn your left arm to the side. Make sure that your elbow is perpendicular to your body. Make sure you do it slowly to ensure your stability.

Make sure you do at minimum 10 repetitions per side.

plank variations for abs
Planks can be relied upon to fire up your core muscles. 

How do you perform this ab exercise?

According to Karachiwala the practice of doing four rounds of these five exercises, followed by a 60 second interval between each round, with no break between workouts, could be perfect! Try these abdominal exercises at home every day and observe the wonders it can bring about to make the stomach fat melt away! Don’t forget to eat a balanced and healthy diet!

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