3 Natural Hair Dyes to Color Your Hair Black, Brown & Red: Have you been using the store-bought chemicals for your hair colouring products for some time recently? Perhaps you are thinking about having your hair colored to make it more amusement? Whatever the reason using chemical-based hair dyes is probably the most harmful option you could do to your hair. There are always organic and healthy alternatives to store-bought chemicals, the same applies with hair coloring. Let’s look at these three organic hair coloring products that are made at home with only a handful of ingredients.

3 Natural Hair Dyes to Color Your Hair

The use of chemical-based hair dyes could create striking black hair that is unlike any other hair dye however, do you really want to suffer from hair loss or breakage, dullness, and frizz due to that color? I’m sure a scream of “No” is coming to the forefront of your thoughts. Hair dyes are loaded with chemicals such as Ammonia Monoethanolamine, Preoxides or Monoethanolamine that pierce the cuticles of hair and lead to irreparable damage to hair.

Certain hair dyes require more frequent use, which leads to weakening the hair’s roots, which causes a rise in hair loss. The use of chemical hair dyes can also strip your hair of its natural moisture and causes dry and dry hair.

We’ve provided you with enough reasons to stay away from these synthetic hair dyes, and instead choose healthy, natural alternatives.

Here are three DIY organic hair coloring products that you can easily made at home

1. Henna and Indigo

Making a paste from the leaves of henna is a long-standing traditional method to dye your hair. Many people are afraid that it might cause an orange tint to their hair. Although the advantages of the use of henna are numerous, many remain hesitant about using it due to its color. The latest method is to include the indigo (a herbal) powder to your henna , and then put it in your hair. Indigo is beneficial for hair and an effective colouring agent that can give your hair a lovely black shade.

3 Natural Hair Dyes to Color Your Hair

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2. Coffee

If you’re naturally brown hair and would like to keep the color or add some brown streaks on your hair that is black using coffee dye for hair is the best way to go! Actually, coffee for hair is an excellent choice. Coffee is not just hair dye but also helps in stimulating growth of hair by strengthening the hair’s roots. In order to achieve this, you will need to purchase some organic dark roast coffee, such as espresso, then make a strong mix of it to apply it to your hair. Make sure to wash your hair before applying the hair dye with coffee and rinse your hair using water after applying the color.

3 Natural Hair Dyes to Color Your Hair

3. Beetroots

Are you looking you to give a reddish or a pinkish hue in your hair? Hair dye that is made from beetroots can help you achieve that color naturally. It’s fun to change the color of your hair every once some time and beets could aid in achieving that without having to go through costly and damaging treatments at the salon. To achieve this, you’ll must chop beets, bake them in the oven until they soften blend them, then strain them , and then add coconut oil. Apply the dye to your hair, let for about an hour, then rinse it with cold water. The colour will remain for a couple of weeks, before it is washed away naturally.


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