2023 New Year: 5 mental health tricks you should not miss: Sometimes, you may lose yourself in a mind-numbing, tangled maze that can be very difficult. This could mean that you must rewire your brain. It will help you live an enriched life and create realistic goals for yourself ahead of the start of the new year. Let’s discuss ways to enhance your mental health to ensure positive and successful outcomes.

2023 New Year: 5 mental health tricks you should not miss

Tips to improve mental well-being

In the case of mental health concerns, the majority of people don’t view these as serious problems even when they experience them. This is an important factor which is the reason for the rising number of mental health problems in people. If you’re dealing with a problem it’s essential to acknowledge the issue. It’s fine in the event that you’re struggling with it. Everybody experiences various reasons for stress. Some individuals manage to deal with it with ease, others struggle, and some be negatively affected. But , we must remember that we all bounce back.

To help you and discuss tips that can assist you to keep your mental health in check at the beginning of this new year CuredCare talked to Dr. Jyoti Kapoor, a Senior psychiatrist, and founder of Manasthali.

Below are five tips to improve your mental well-being:

1. Calm your mind

Finding ways to ease your thoughts when you’re feeling anxious is vital if you’re looking to overcome mental health issues. Test different methods until you come across one that can help you deal with stress and negativity. Dr. Kapoor states, “You might opt for mindfulness exercises that help to keep your mind calm and focused while managing the various threads in your life that are in motion. Your mind will be able to calm down as a consequence.”

2023 New Year: 5 mental health tricks you should not miss

2. Communication is a must

Don’t be apathetic to your friends and family when you’re experiencing stress. Instead, you should try to talk to them and discuss your issues. “In times of stress and worry, talking about your thoughts can help normalize the topic of mental health, and you may even receive support from others,” according to Dr. Kapoor. Knowing that there is someone to support you will help you relax and feel more secure.

3. Limit screen time

You must be self-regulated in regards to the use of devices and time on the screen. The pressure of news and social media more frequently can increase FOMO (fear of being left the mark) as well as feelings of loneliness, jealousy and feeling of inadequacy. These emotions increase negative feelings, and influence your mood, and could increase your mental health issues worse.

4. Participate in a sport or exercise

Exercise that stimulates blood flow can actually boost your mood. It also helps increase the levels of serotonin in your body, also known as “happy hormones.” Therefore maintaining your physical health could often be the key to maintaining mental well-being as well. Be sure to engage in exercise for at least 30 mins each day. To boost your mood You could also contemplate, listen to music or dancing or taking a stroll.

5. Accept your imperfections

Dr. Kapoor Dr Kapoor says, “Being realistic and accepting of your situation is crucial if you want to prioritise your mental health.” What does that mean? Accepting the mistakes and failings you make will allow you to achieve success in your life , and it can bring happiness. In addition, it can reduce the pressure to be perfect and allow for improvement and growth in your life.

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6. Treat yourself to a treat

Self-care can really enhance your mental health. To better understand your goals and needs make sure you take a break and be alone. Treat yourself to a treat when you aren’t sure how to improve your mood. This could provide some relief for a short period of time.

2023 New Year: 5 mental health tricks you should not miss

7. Do not be afraid to seek assistance from a professional

There are times when you feel people around you aren’t listening to your needs and emotions or do not are able to comprehend the needs you have and the issues you’re facing. In this case getting assistance from a professional is the best option to escape this situation.


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